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There is no phone support
Hello Visitor, you have stumbled onto one of those special hobby businesses that exist out of passion rather than for profit.


What is the passion? Small Businesses! I love people who have decided to make their own, people who keep money local, and I like being a part of that success story by offering cheap marketing materials. Why? Because I've spent over a decade working for corporations that ship jobs over seas and generally hold people down. And I hate that those are the only people that can afford me. But the reality is - I couldn't make a living offering these services like this, at these prices. So... I kept my day job. 

So I need you to know that as much as I love offering this service for fairly cheap, I don't charge enough to offer some things other sites do. This includes phone support, I don't do phone calls, In fact, to keep things profitable I need to have a job hammered down within 3 emails. I don't promise delivery dates. The delivery should come within 15 days, but I don't make enough profit to pay for refunds because something didn't come in time. If you need it next week, I recommend finding a place that does guarantee. The last thing I can't afford is bad or entitled attitudes. It astonishes me how many think it's ok to be rude because they placed an order. If your order is $30 or $700, My profit margin puts about $20 bucks in my pocket for the time spent processing it. I'm not joking, after paying for the website and related charges this business has made less than a grand this year. Which means if you get rude to me, I'm just going to not deal with you again. If you're rude, I don't really care about your small business and I'm not going to help it. It's that simple. 

Final note: Because I can't keep up with the rapid inflation that is occurring this year, if a order comes in and I check the price to find it has gone up, you may be contacted to adjust it so I'm not paying out of pocket. I know it looks shady, but I really can't keep up with it and the profit margin is too tight to have wiggle room.

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